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A Photo of A System 
Building? Install a passive system.

Dirt crawl space with submembrane suction.

A Photo of A System 

A radon mitigation system installed
on a typical ranch-style home.

Wisconsin is currently an unregulated state when it comes to testing and curing for radon. U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has established Standards of Practice and Protocol for both measuring radon levels, mitigation systems and installation. RMMI is EPA certified and guarantees its products and services.

RMMI uses all schedule 40 p.v.c. pipe in their installations. Schedule 20 pipe is approved by the EPA for most applications but it is thinner than schedule 40 pipe. The schedule 40 pipe has a thicker wall which is not only more durable, it also helps reduce noise levels created by air moving through the pipe. 

RMMI is proud to use Radonaway fans and other products "Made in the U.S.A" whenever possible. Buying American made products is important to the economy of our great nation.

New homes can be built with "passive radon mitigation systems". If you are thinking of building a new home, insist on a passive system. A passive system does not require any power to operate. It is simply a vent from below your basement floor up through the home and above the roof. If after construction is completed and radon levels are above the EPA threshold for action, it is much easier, cheaper and more attractive than installing a system after construction is completed. 

Cost to install and operate a radon mitigation system.
Most single family homes can be successfully mitigated for under $1,000 depending on access, basement and foundation conditions, crawl spaces and/or dirt floors. Every home is different and requires an inspection. At RMMI, we strive to use the right fan for the job at hand. This keeps operation costs minimal and any possible energy penalties minimal as well. Electrical cost for a typical system can be offset simply by changing one standard light bulb in your home to a compact fluorescent bulb. Energy penalty for the average home is about $40-$50 per year. It is my personal belief that this could be offset by NOT having to run a basement dehumidifier as often. A radon mitigation system pulls air from under the basement floor preventing radon gas and damp, musty air from entering the basement.